Le Chevalier du Zodiac

Le Commandant sails the high seas,
in search of an island
which legends say is inhabited by giants…

L’île Mystérieuse

An island floats on the horizon,
hosting silhouettes of gigantic stone sculptures.
What could they be?

Bise Mort Gun

Captured by the Rapa Nui, the island’s people,
Le Commandant is about to be put to death
by the island’s priestess
in a celebration coinciding with the fool moon

S.O.S feat. General Elektriks

Exhausted and tied down,
Le Commandant still manages to send a distress signal…

La Vénus de 1000 Hommes

Reassured by the true intentions of Le Commandant,
the priestess of the island finally gives herself to him
in a Moai field…..

Le Chant des Sirènes feat. Youka Manuka

A chant that no mortal can seem to resist surrounds
Le Commandant and forces him to leave
the island and return to sea.

Coming your way in 2021

We meet again Le Commandant, at full speed on a hovercraft on the Amazon river, chased by flying butterdrones and wildfires….

Le Commandant Couche-Tôt explores tirelessly the oceans but always ends up covered in plastic pollution. He never leaves his characteristic red beanie (neither in the shower nor in bed).

Somewhere between SpongeBob and Claude Debussy.

Wear red beanies and save the planet!!

Eine „Tour De Force“ durch die „Rare French Groove“

Jazz Thing