Amazonas / Ivre de la Jungle
feat. Nick van Gelder, Alex Malheiros & Youka Manuka

We meet again Le Commandant, at full speed on a hovercraft on the Amazon river, chased by flying butterdrones and wildfires….

L’Été Indien feat. Omar
A tropical rain manages to extinct the fire, the sun is coming back on a luxurious forest, le Commandant is now surrounded by colorful parrots…

Les Pyramides Cosmiques / ピラミッド コズミック feat. Youka Manuka
He finds a crystal pyramid on the ground, engraved with the words „lick me“ he immediately starts to trip, after minutes that feels like days, he comes back to reality and wakes up on a beach

Interférence téléphérique
His telepathic watch starts to vibrate, and pulls him along the sand.
He then activates his rocket shoes and now follows the téléphérique to the top of the hill.

Algo Rythm
As Le Commandant is flying to the top of the Pao de Azucar he’s shorty disturbed by a flying algo rythm (a cyber seaweed moving in time) but rapidly disappears as Le Commandant is accelerating.

Le Pain de Sucre
Finally on top of the hill, he admires the unique panorama and lets his mind flow…

Jean Neymar
It’s time for Le Commandant to leave this paradise. He receives a signal coming directly from his heart. His son is in danger, on the other side of the globe, trying to explore a sunken continent….

Le Chevalier du Zodiac
Le Commandant sails the high seas, in search of an island
which legends say is inhabited by giants…

L’île Mystérieuse
An island floats on the horizon,
hosting silhouettes of gigantic stone sculptures. What could they be?

Bise Mort Gun
Captured by the Rapa Nui, the island’s people, Le Commandant is about to be put to death by the island’s priestess in a celebration coinciding with the full moon.

S.O.S feat. General Elektriks
Exhausted and tied down,
Le Commandant still manages to send a distress signal…

La Vénus de 1000 Hommes
Reassured by the true intentions of Le Commandant, the priestess of the island finally gives herself to him in a Moai field…

Le Chant des Sirènes feat. Youka Manuka
A chant that no mortal can seem to resist surrounds Le Commandant and forces him to leave the island and return to sea.